Improve your period-end and other key processes by the provision of real-time benchmarking, market intelligence and improved analysis of your financial operations. Continuous measurement and improvement of your processes and efficiency.

BlackLine Insights provides your organisation with the ability to measure efficiency and productivity in your accounts department by providing benchmarking and intelligence never available before. This benchmarking allows the organisation to continuously monitor and improve the finance operations to ensure maximum efficiency.

Measures include statistics on data like the following:


  • Average number of completed assignments
  • On-time completion percentage
  • Average reconciliation rejection rate
  • Auto-reconciliation rate
  • And many more

These real-time statistics give you an unparalleled view of your finance team performance, against previous periods and against benchmarks from industry. The data is collated from all BlackLine users and appears generic in nature to protect individual organisational privacy and data. Comparative data can be shown by industry, region, business size and other selectable measures.

BlackLine Insights complements the BlackLine dashboards and enhanced reporting by providing deep operational analytics.