Digitalisation of the financial services industry is today happening on an unprecedented scale. The increase in mobile device usage, the change in consumer habits and the emergence of new, digitally focussed competitors means traditional financial services organisations must embrace this change and provide innovative and enhanced online and digital experiences to remain competitive. They must adapt to the increased adoption of cloud based technology and find the most secure ways to embrace this change whilst protecting privacy, remaining compliant and mitigating risk.

In order to deliver the expected outcomes of this ‘digitalisation’, organisations require robust and future proof IT systems which drive efficient business processes in order to achieve operational objectives. These systems need to be able to efficiently collate, manage and process large volumes of complex, highly sensitive data; provide meaningful ways to analyse and report this data; help organisations minimise their level of assumed risk while maximising growth; and help organisations deliver superior customer and client service. Additionally, these solutions must allow these tasks to be performed whilst ensuring that customer data stays safe and secure and the organisations remain compliant.

Jalubro Consulting are transformation experts with a focus on digital technology and cloud based business management solutions for the financial services industry. We partner with financial services clients to identify, deliver and sustain business improvement through the implementation of new strategies, processes and technologies. We deliver long-term sustainable results and work with our clients to select, implement and optimise the most viable solution to meet their unique requirements.

We understand the balance between maximising ROI whilst at the same time minimising costs and maintaining a high level of service for clients and customers, whilst still complying with applicable national and international regulations.

We offer software solutions from a range of providers which provide our financial services clients flexibility in choice. Our end to end services capabilities also help clients prepare for, and deliver business process, IT and digital change.



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