In a period of sustained global uncertainty, organisations in the life sciences industry continues to face a number of challenges that can affect their ability to do business.  As a result, organisations are having to adapt to these challenges and ensure that they introduce the right solutions to ensure they can continue to operate efficiently and in accordance to regulations.

The current evolution of the life sciences industry is being shaped by two main drivers. First, ensuring compliance with the ever changing and increasingly complex global regulatory and risk requirements. Secondly, it’s pursuit of growth and innovation driven by a huge increase in healthcare spending due to an ageing population, increased life expectancy and spiralling cases chronic illness.

Jalubro’s team of industry expert consultants understand the challenges presented today by the stringent demands for increased quality management and greater demands for record keeping, document control & collaboration and traceability. We understand the regulations set out by bodies such as USDA, FDA and GMP and the severe consequences to organisations who’s products or processes do not comply with their regulations.

Whilst the industry is constantly having to ensure compliance, it is also required to continually provide new and innovative products to meet this demand.  It is important that organisations are able to bring these new products to market in the most efficient way whilst conforming to regulatory processes and remaining fully compliant.  In order to achieve this, organisations are increasingly looking to improve business process and streamline operating models through the introduction of new technologies. They need technology that will enable them to effectively manage production and introduce more profitable products to the market in a compliant way.

Additionally, manufacturers are faced with increased competition resulting in the need to provide products at a reduced cost whilst maintaining profitability. Jalubro helps its clients introduce new processes and solutions to drive efficiency, with both their suppliers and customers, maximise profitability and ensure regulatory compliance.   We work with clients to streamline processes and increase profitability and reduce waste.  We have developed our own proprietary fully compliant quality management software (QMS) fully integrated into the market leading SAP Business One application to provide the industry’s only fully integrated ERP and 100% compliant QMS.


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