Today’s professional services industry is extremely competitive. Both consumers and organisations are therefore demanding greater value from service providers at a much lower cost. In order to remain competitive, service providers are having to transform existing working practices and are increasingly looking to address a wide range of challenges through the introduction of new processes and technologies.

To improve efficiency and retain profitability, many firms are turning to fully integrated business management solutions and cloud based process automation tools to enhance existing processes. Such solutions make it easy to track and manage leads, contacts, and clients, as well as correspondence and materials relating to client accounts. There’s more to consider than clients, of course: increasingly, firms in the professional services industry must keep a close eye on financial management, often with centralised budgeting and resource planning, and detailed financial forecasting.

It’s crucial that ERP software have the ability to collect, collate, and analyse data in meaningful ways, and that data and reports can be easily shared, accessed, and actioned. And, of course, ease-of-use is equally important, to ensure that all employees can fully use the system without specialist assistance.

Financial planning, budgeting, human resource recruiting and management, even marketing: all these disparate facets, when integrated into a single ERP solution, allow for businesses to operate more efficiently and more effectively. Jalubro provides a range of solutions that can help your organisation adopt a single, simple ERP solution, embrace the global economy, and improve your bottom line.


Law Firms

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Corporate Legal Departments

In-house legal teams have an increasingly important role to play inside corporations today. They face a number of daily pressures and challenges and are constantly faced with a variety of demands placed upon them by the business…

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Accountancy Firms

Accountancy firms have many challenges to meet, and the software they use must be able to help them rise to the occasion. From data collection, management, and analysis, to risk management…

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