The entire legal profession is experiencing ‘change’ on an unprecedented scale. Driven by today’s hypersensitive global economy, increased competition and changes within the regulatory & compliance environment, both consumers and corporations expect legal services providers to deliver legal work in a more transparent, efficient and cost effective manner. As a result, law firms are having to adopt new and innovative working practices and technologies which enable them to retain existing clients and win new business.

Since 2008 law firms have been looking at alternative pricing models, innovative new ways of delivering legal services and what new technology can be adopted to achieve help achieve their goals. With digital transformation, firms are realising that shifting from paper-based operations to an increasingly digital environment they can improve efficiency and increase profitability. Even as firms move towards a digital model, they are still overwhelmed by the sheer amount of paper based documents and the hours they spend on administrative tasks to get the information they require.

As digital transformation becomes a more common theme in law firms, these new technologies are increasingly being used to transform their client engagement through collaboration tools and cloud based technology. Marketing and Business development teams are turning to solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM to win new business and drive profitability, whilst Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now being adopted to perform a whole host of tasks usually performed by individuals, enabling those individuals to concentrate their efforts on other things.

Today’s law firm is evolving at an incredible pace and to ensure a successful digital transformation, it is critical to have a well thought through strategy. Jalubro are digital transformation experts in specialising in the legal sector. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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