Insurance companies face constant pressure to innovate, reduce costs, better manage budgets, optimise resources and provide customers an enhanced experience with better value for money. Jalubro Provide several solutions that help insurance companies as they look to become more agile in and ever increasing digital world.

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With BlackLine we help reduce the time consuming use of error prone spreadsheets in a sector where accuracy and accurate forecasts are paramount.  We provide real time visibility into every transaction and through automation help insurance companies increase efficiency throughout their entire period-close process.



We help drive digital transformation within insurance with low code business applications. Whether it’s efficiency in the onboarding process, budgeting & forecasting or claims handling, with K2 we have you covered. Through forms, workflow, data and reports K2 allows you to build, run and future-proof your insurance firm.

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SAP Business One

Our fully integrated business management solution for small and medium sized Insurance companies enables firms to quickly and easily control all aspects of its operations whilst automating processes, improving analysis and reducing costs.

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