Practice & Case Management Optimisation

Helping law firms to achieve more from their Practice and Case Management Systems

Effective use of contacts, helps you to capture more of the leads so vital to the future of your firm. Use centralised quotation systems and convert leads into new matters. Your firm can then properly manage contact information and capture it to improve practice efficiency, helping you win the business that you want to ensure profitability.

What we do

Assessing the way you use your existing system, we identify areas to optimise higher levels of efficiency within your law firm. Making the most of what you already have – it’s that simple.

Achieving more with your existing systems, we create workflows and suggestions for business process improvement. Improving administration and management of compliance; central precedent documentation, automated document and form generation, capturing and handling enquiries with fast easy to use quotation systems.

Working on site where required and remotely, we provide the additional IT Case Management Developer resource, without the full time overhead of an in-house IT resource. With extensive legal practice management experience, we provide a unique service for our clients.

We tailor solutions to suit your requirements, having experience with a diverse range of law firms and varied case management systems.

Cultural impact

Getting the most out of your case management system also involves managing the internal changes required; identifying opportunities for your firm to streamline working processes, manage compliance and ultimately boost your firm’s profitability. We help to ensure solicitors and support staff understand and utilise the benefits of improved business processes.

Ensure compliance – minimise risk – lower your PI cover

Effective document management through the document management system, provides a centralised precedent bank incorporating your firm’s best practice documents; ensuring your firm centrally manages such documents. Harmonised centrally controlled documents help your firm to also comply with SRA rules.

Demonstrating that your firm is effectively managing risk will allow you to show that your firm should obtain more competitive professional indemnity insurance, reducing your administrative costs even further.

Managed business process – reduced capital lock-up

When considering the challenges of law firms operating in today’s legal marketplace, managing the extent WIP and disbursement lock-up within your law firm is crucial to success. Building in stages where fee earners and support staff are prompted to consider the extent of any lock-up and are encouraged to keep such lock-up to a minimum, is part of the cultural ‘buy-in’ through managed business process improvement.


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