Selecting the right technology to drive business process and performance improvement is an essential part of the digital transformation. Choosing the right parter to help you on this journey is just as important. With the right consultants in place you will be able to reduce the amount of wasted effort, resources and cost of the selection process.

At Jalubro, our specialist consultants understand that the selection process is one of the most important components of a successful digital transformation. Our consultants are highly qualified, technically skilled and certified in many methodologies and products. They each have many years of experience working with leading ERP software, CRM systems, eCommerce, finance and accounting systems, mobile applications, analytics, process automation software, cloud & internet of things.  Additionally our consultants have worked with many organisations across a variety of industries and fully understand of an organisation can achieve business process excellence through technology.

Jalubro’s digital technology selection services are a key offering of what we provide our clients. We combine this service with our business process improvement services and organisational change management capability to ensure that your organisation is ready for change once you have selected the right software for your organisation.


Where we can help;

  • Project and strategic planning
  • Existing technology definition
  • Technology and process optimisation
  • Digital transformation roadmap development
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Technical Fit Assessment
  • Supplier evaluation and selection
  • Cost Analysis
  • Organisational and business change readiness assessment
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Implementation planning and analysis

If you are interested in our digital technology selection services please get in touch with us here to understand how we can assist you.