Project Recovery

It’s not uncommon for projects to become delayed or worse still, fail. This could be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a poorly thought through strategy, a badly run selection process, project scope creep, the project team doesn’t have the right skills or the service provider simply isn’t able to deliver.

Jalubro’s project recovery services will provide a full and comprehensive assessment of how to get your project back on track. By working directly with the key stakeholders, our team of expert consultants will quickly assess and evaluate the current state of the project, identify and mitigate any risks and develop a plan to ensure recovery in the fastest and most efficient manner to ensure the project is a success.

We provide the hands-on project management to help your organisation regain lost momentum.

Unfortunately, not all ERP projects go as planned. Sometimes project scope creeps, the ERP project team decides to customize too much or the software vendor or system integrator simply isn’t able to get the job done. Further, ERP failure can take many forms: from complete operational disruption to a lack of alignment or user buy-in that negatively affects the organization’s return on its ERP investment. In these and other instances, a senior team of Panorama resources will help your organization regain lost momentum.

Beginning with a one-week engagement, the Panorama team will provide an independent and accelerated assessment of how to get your ERP initiative back on track. This ERP project recovery engagement will focus on assessing and evaluating critical ERP success factors.

Sample ERP Project Recovery Assessment and Evaluation

  • Risk management
  • Project management, controls and governance
  • System requirements and design
  • Business process alignment with the ERP system
  • System integration and testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Organizational change management and training
  • Benefits realization and ROI

The ERP project recovery engagement focuses on working hand-in-hand with project stakeholders to identify risks and develop an action plan to address low-hanging fruit in the short-term and more significant improvements in the longer term.

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