Intapp Flow is a modern web-based interface that is more than just a workflow toolkit. It allows your business to manage and develop your applications and databases. Intapp Flow includes form templates, assignment management, process tracking and notifications.

The Intapp Flow product was designed and built to meet the modern business requirements, automating workflow and processes as much as possible, integrating a variety of functions. Intapp Flow includes a back-end database and uses the industry standard for applications and integration to present information to the business users in a unified manner. The master data architecture and validation along with data cleansing enable the data to be accurate and auditable across the business.

Configurable dashboards are a feature of Intapp Flow that can be used to present information from multiple applications in a concise, relevant and intelligent way. It has a fully integrated communication system that enables users to collaborate and interact. History of activities and decision points are captured to provide a clear and concise record for future visibility.

Workflows are supported with extensive libraries of templates, web-based access and integrated applications allowing critical business processes to be automated. Processes like staff on-boarding and management through to termination are part of Intapp Flow.