Intapp Integrate provides a simple and straightforward means to connect and manage software applications. There are pre-built templates for a variety of standard applications, this does away with the need for ‘custom code’.

One of the key features is an Intuitive Graphical Interface that enables easy communications management and tracking.

Leading applications and standards such as: MS SQL, XLM, Oracle, Active Directory, .NET, LDAP, DB2, SOAP, ODBC, Informix, HTTP/FTP and MS Exchange are all supported as standard.

Remote execution is also supported allowing automation of common activities such as: Zipping/Unzipping files, Encryption, Decryption, Windows Service Start/Stop, Copying files, Execution of PowerShell scripts, Activate third-party loaders, Synchronization of Windows Event Log and Database.

Response is real-time in terms of data communication, doing away with the need to wait for batch processes and scheduled transfers. Over 200 pre-built customizable templates save organizations from ‘starting from scratch’ each time.

All key activities are recorded and logged, automatic alerts can be setup for problems arising.