The Intapp Open product is all about taking on new business. A user-friendly proven and fast path to business acceptance. Intapp Open enables your business to evaluate and engage new business in an efficient way by providing a simple to use toolset that covers all aspects of new business acquisition. These include:

  • RFP Response – Fast response to RFPs
  • Reviews – Streamlines the review and acceptance process, library of standard intake questions
  • Risk Assessment – Agile risk analysis by use of templates and guidelines supported by industry knowledge
  • Revenue Assessment – Improve financial performance and revenue through use if knowledge, people, processes and systems. Dashboards help faster analysis of financials.
  • Conflict Management – Be aware of any possible conflicts of interest. Role-specific profiles and client isolation enable true conflict management in your business. Multiple interests in a single client are managed centrally to provide the best overall client resolutions. Conflict analysts can use advanced searches leveraging advanced business rules and filters.

Use Intapp Open to define your business processes for new client acquisition and on-boarding. Business-defined processes include to-do lists, templates, process execution tracking and dashboards. Change management built-in as standard, processes up-dateable to enable your business to adapt in a fast-moving environment. Easy access includes intuitive user-interfaces, mobile access as well as work-station access.

All activities recorded for easy analysis by management and compliance audit.