Intapp Walls provides automated information security to comply with professional, client and regulatory requirements. A single interface enables your business to control, monitor and report centrally throughout the entire confidentiality life-cycle. Information barriers and screens are created automatically and staff behaviours are monitored to ensure enforcement of policies and restrictions.

Intapp Walls has been accepted as the industry standard for confidentiality software, used by more than 230 organisations that range in size from 35 to 5000 professional staff, including 19 of the world’s top 20 law firms. Professional rules, client confidentiality and case law are all addressed utilizing a central platform that integrates with existing processes and systems to provide a high level of control and capability. All data access is recorded and can be monitored and reported.

Not only does Intapp Walls provide security for the information, it also can be used to provide security to outputs as well. This includes use of shared printers by flagging where there may be users of the same printer with potential conflicts of interest. Intapp Walls also provides sophisticated ‘isolation barriers’ that restrict access to designated parties by engagement. This supports use of one-time contractor support for specific engagements.

Additional modules offer automated ‘insider’ list creation and reporting supporting regulatory frameworks such as the EU Market Abuse Regulation. ‘Legal Holds’ are also supported by a specific module that centrally manages all aspects of this requirement.