Build, run and future-proof your business processes with K2 blackpearl. K2’s custom application platform features intuitive forms and workflows that span roles, departments and data sources — so you can manage for today and innovate for tomorrow.

Transform Complex Work into Powerful Business Apps

The K2 blackpearl® business process application platform empowers you to create solutions for everything from onboarding and expense claims to budgeting and campaign management. Transform your business by boosting productivity and increasing operational efficiency — from anywhere, at any time.

With K2 blackpearl, you can create and use:

  • Workflows: Design quickly and intuitively using visual designers, without code
  • SmartForms: Build powerful forms to capture and display information on any device
  • SmartObjects: Integrate data from line-of-business systems and web services
  • SmartStarters: Preconfigured, sample applications to help you build quickly
  • Workdesks: Access tasks and work across all K2 apps from a centralized location
  • Insights: Generate reports and data-driven dashboards for business insights
  • Mobile apps: Mobilize your workforce on the go – on any device, online and offline
  • Reusable apps: Reuse app components across any application

K2 Delivery Options

K2 blackpearl on premises:

  • Maintain a high level of control by installing K2 on your servers in your datacenter
  • Manage troubleshooting, updates and upgrades within your team — with support from K2
  • Address governance and compliance as required by your business

K2 blackpearl in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

  • Step into the Cloud while maintaining security, management and data control within your team
  • Choose your IaaS provider and scale as far as they will take you
  • Configure K2 in the Cloud and connect to your datacenters
  • Compliance for IaaS is achieved through your chosen provider

K2 Cloud Platform:

  • Increase speed to value and cost predictability
  • Focus on your apps, leave the infrastructure management to us
  • Built, deployed and managed by K2 for you
  • Daily operations, security, updates and upgrades handled by K2
  • Scalable, global and always available
  • Industry certifications for operations with SLAs
  • Workflow, forms, data and app access managed
    by you